Live from London 2013 - Thursday


We're live from London and this is the first of our additional shows leading into the Virgin London Marathon. We’ve got the results from Brighton and Boston, you rate your run, there’s a stacked podium, Tony brings us his Trials and we laugh a video of the week from Paris!

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Show Notes

As Episode 171 was dedicated entirely to the tragic events from Monday's Boston Marathon we released our regular content a day later in this Live from London special.

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been getting pregnant with twins, at the VLM expo and challenging Tom

- Tom's hasn't been sleeping, training or resting

- We've both been hanging with Danny and Kurt, dining with Mo and taking breakfast with Wilson! 

06:23 - News

- Boston Marathon results and splits (here)

- Runner dies at the Brighton Marathon (here)

- Brighton results (here)

19:50 - Interview with Alyson Dixon

- Alyson is on Twitter at @alydixon262

29:15 - Tony's Trials

34:15 - Video of the Week

- Thanks to Gareth Hurfurt for cheering us up with this

34:36 - Close 

- Martin will be at the Expo, early morning running and Beckton parkrunning

- Tom will be at the Expo, also early morning running and parkrunning somewhere

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