Episode 92 - Brad Hudson


On this weeks show has Tom had a baby? We talk about amazing races in the Chicago marathon and the incredible Ironman world triathlon championships in Kona. As well as a not so amazing -run - walk - bus strategy. We review your marathons and Tony is 'live' from the Chester Marathon. We interview USA based running coach Brad Hudson about successful first time marathon training.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been... scoring comeback PB's, not having a baby, watching too much daytime TV.

- Martin's been... to Peterborough and tentatively running (or jogging, depends how you see it)

Thanks adidasWe’ve always said that everything we provide at Marathon talk will be free for everyone who wants to be a part of our community.  We’d like to thank adidas for their support in helping us grow this community and bring Marathon Talk to you each week.  

- Former football star Paolo di Canio runs a half marathon - but not intentionally.  (BBC)

- New world record for Marathon Talk listeners Jeff and Russell Whittington - fastest father and son in a marathon!

- The London 2012, the BOA, the CAS, LaShawn Merritt and all that jazz. (link)

- Congratulations listener Renee Shaw 

16:45 - News

- Boo! Cheating in the Kielder Marathon – (Sunderland Echo)

- Ironman Hawaii – the greatest races on the planet!  (slowtwitch)

- Joe Thorne – did the smack talk work? 

- The big race in the windy city - the Chicago Marathon - a look at both men's and women's races.

- A great race from Claire Hallisey  (link

52:38 - Tony's Trials

- Live from the Chester Marathon!  Complete with chaffing!

1:02:57 - Rant & Rave

- Tony Lloyd rave about 'Steps' and Pete Medlicott raves about the Liverpool Marathon.

- Claire Stevens gives spectators a ticking off and Micheal Aikman rants about disorganised events.

1:05:50 - Interview - USA based marathon coach Brad Hudson (Hudson Training Systems)

Brad Hudson - former 2hr 13min marathoner himself Hudson has helped a host of the USA's brightest endurance runners.  He is the co-author of the book 'Run Faster - from 5k to the Marathon' and now coaches runners of all abilities.  As a 16/17year old he was running 130miles a week! Holy smoke!

1:41:30 - Winner of the Week

- 4 time Kona champion and supreme athlete and role model  - Chrissie Wellington. 

1:42:00 - Close

- Get stuck in to our new website

- Martin's doing it for the kids - free to enter series of 1miles for children in Bournemouth on Sunday Oct 16th. (Entry details here)

- Details of Liz Yelling's 2012 camps here.

- Tom's having a baby (well Helen is).

- New Marathon Talk technical training tee and racing vest available very soon with the amazing support of adidas.

- Pop along to our Facebook events page here and click 'attending' to the races you're taking on. 

Thanks for listening. Martin & Tom.

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