Episode 91 - Scott Overall


In last week's Berlin Marathon GB athlete Scott Overall finished in 5th place and achieved the Olympic A standard time with 2:10:55. Scott talked Martin through his rather special first marathon. Tom didn't have a baby, but did get out foxed at Leeds parkrun... Kenya selected two of their three Olympic marathon men, creating perhaps the most competitive qualification process in history... and someone nicked Tony's bottle... again!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been... out foxed in Leeds, not having a baby, and listening to Micah True

- Martin's been... not running, not doing his triathlon, and sitting in the sun! 

- Welcome adidas to the Marathon Talk community

- Thanks to Chris Wharton from Occipital Studios in Leeds 

- Thanks to Nordic Ultra for spreading the word, check them out HERE

- Is Mark Allen's Hawaii Ironman marathon record going down? read more

- Win a free copy of 'R is for Running' by Ray Charbonneau here

21:25 - News

- Kenya announces two of their three Olympic marathon slots (IAAF) (all time times)

- US Ten Mile Champs (runnerspace.com)

- Chester Marathon this weekend (official website) (facebook) (twitter)

- Chicago Marathon this weekend (official website) live coverage here

38:49 - Tony's Trials

- One drinks bottle... or not!

40:44 - Rant & Rave

- Mark Barrow raves about pacing

- David Pearce rants about aggro buggies

42:49 - Interview - Scott Overall

- In last weekend's Berlin Marathon British athlete Scott Overall finished in 5th place in the amazing debut, and Olympic standard, time of 2 hours 10 minutes and 55 seconds. Scott talked Martin through his rather special first marathon. 

- Find Scott on twitter - @scottoverall

- Read Scott's blog - www.scottoverall.com

1:17:09 - Winner of the Week

- Mimi Anderson - marvellousmimi.com

1:17:57 - Close

- Do it for the kids - free to enter series of 1miles for children in Bournemouth on Oct 16th. (Entry details here)

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