Episode 83 - Michael Wardian


With amazing performances all they way from a 15 minute 5k through to third place overall at the 135 mile 125 degree Badwater it's been an amazing 2011 for Mike Wardian... we just couldn't not speak to the World's on-form ultra runner! Talking of running Tom laced up his trainers for the first time in a while, Tony brought us Pascal's Trials, and Mart laid down the mile smack talk! 

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Show Notes

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00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been... running a mile, volunteergin at Wythenshawe parkrun, and loving the ITU triathlon! 

- Martin's been... camping, runing with Liz, and also loving the ITU triathlon!

- Marathon Talk Magic Mile Global Team Challenge 

Thanks to their participation bonus Team UK are currently ahead with 78.7% v 63.7%

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Timed miles around the World...

August 10th - 7:30pm - Arethusa Mile, Bushy Park, London, UK - Danny Norman - [email protected]

August 10th - 6:00pm - Potts Field, Boulder, USA - Joe Scholler - [email protected]

August 10th - 6:30pm - Isle of Dogs, London, UK - Carole Boyle - [email protected]

August 11th - 7:00pm - Poole Park, Poole, UK - Martin Yelling - [email protected]

August 13th - 7:00am - Walter Johnson High School, Bethesda, USA - Barry Lowenthal - tagged below

August 14th - 6:00pm - Woolmer Hill Sports Assoc., Surrey, UK - Amy Wright - [email protected]

August 14th - 7:30am - Mackay, North Queensland, Australia - Dave Perkins - [email protected]

- Check out the Iffley Road mile in Oxford on August the 3rd (HERE)

Marathon Talk Motivation Station – Experian Festival of Running Robin Hood Marathon in Nottingham on Sunday 11th September. Camping again! Sign up to join the fun by emailing us via [email protected]

- Check out Kate Ramsey's brilliant Excel sheet HERE

- On Thursday we're speaking to the great Bart Yasso, let us know your questions.

20:25 - News

- Rate Your Run averages 8.5 from 49

- Mark Allison runs across America (here)

- Oscar Pistorius to compete in Daegu (read more)

- Diamond League results

- Kim Smith wins the Rock'n'Roll Providence (read more)

- Paula feeling good before Berlin (read more)

- Japanese preparations step up for this month's World Championships (read more)

40:40 Training Talk

- Tom's five year plan...

55:42 - Tony's Trials

- Thanks to Pascal Evans for this week's script

59:34 - Rant & Rave

- Jocelyn Payne raves about boyfriends and rants about litter bugs! 

1:01:08 - Interview - Michael Wardian

- In the last seven months Mike has finished 19th at the Two Oceans Ultra marathon in Cape Town and 11th at the legendary Comrades Ultra Marathon, he’s run a 2:35 marathon dressed as Spiderman, and a stand alone marathon in 2:17, he’s finished 3rd at the 135 mile 115 degree Badwater, 3rd at the North Face 50 mile race, podium’d in four other marathons and chucked in a 15 minute 5k and a 30 minute 10k, and the US national 50k champs for good measure, and yesterday he won the San Francisco Marathon in 2:27.

- Check out his great website HERE

1:27:55 - Winner of the Week

- Mark Allison nominated by you!

1:28:50 - Close

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