Episode 71 - Ellie Greenwood


In just over a week, British Ultra runner and World 100km champion Ellie Greenwood will taking on the mighty Comrades Marathon, just four weeks later she's also competing at the infamous Western States 100... Martin caught up with Ellie for some last minute long distance advice. Meanwhile, Tom spoke to John McIroy about his Comrades multi-sport challenge and learnt all about hydration from Dr Mark Hetherington and Tony told us all about his Manchester madness!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Sammy Wanjiru has died

- The Olympic Marathon Champion Sammy Wanjiru has died (BBC) (LETS RUN)

- Mark Ince's great blog entry can be found HERE

- Thanks to the BBC for allowing us to use their commentary from the 2009 London Marathon

04:45 - Intro

- Tom's been scuppered by poor cheering!

- Martin's busting some moves on the dance floor!

11:50 - Interview with John McInroy (see above video)

- Check out his great website and find out all about Red Socks - HERE

- Marathon Talk listener Mathew Browne's taking on the might Giro d'Italia! Find out more

28:50 - News

- Rate Your Run averages 9.0 from 53

- Ryan & Sarah Hall take on the US one mile champs...

- Men's race video HERE

- Women's race video HERE

- Haile and Helen win the Great Manchester 10k (AW)

- Video of Haile's finish (here)

- Video of Chris Thompson's post race interview (here)

- Kendal woman (and ex British fell champion) hunts down attacker! (read more)

- For the listener's marathons check out our facebook events page (here)

- Bay to breakers, an alternative view! here

- Bay to Breakers official webaite - HERE

44:24 - Tony's Trials 



50:20 - Training Talk

- Heat and hydration with Dr Mark Hetherington (part two of three)

- Find out more about Mark's summer running festival HERE

1:12:40 - Rant & Rave

- John Tipping rants about crazy shoe hype!

- Ray Morgan raved about NOT wearing and MP3 player :) 

1:14:42 - Interview - Ellie Greenwood

- Current World 100km record holder and top British ultra runner Ellie Greenwood popped into the show to talk all about her running career, the upcoming Comrades Marathon, and her goals for the Western States 100 and beyond! 

- Check out Ellie's amazing blog HERE

1:46:56 - Winner of the Week

- Marc Sommer - Nominated by his brother Eric

1:50:00 - Close

- Don't forget to Rate Your Run from Sunday at marathontalk.com/rateyourrun

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