Episode 70 - Ian Sharman


Sponsored by The North Face, British ultra-runner Ian Sharman just finished the Miwok 100k trail race, with 10,000 feet of ascent, in nine hours and a couple of minutes... in a full Elivs suit! In a little over two weeks he'll be on the start line of Comrades with his sights set firmly on a top ten finish in the World's most elite ultra event. Tom caught up with him for a chat about that, his recent 12:44 course record at the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile race, and pretty much everything else ultra. Martin joined Tom in taper mode follwing an epic 40 miles and Tony had his own ultra stuff going on... German style!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been... running, iPading, and getting excited for Comrades!

- Martin's been... running 40 miles and planning summer camping...

- Interested in Martin and Liz's Alpine camp? Check it out HERE

07:20 - Interview with Comrades' Canadian ambassador Anread Morritz

- The facebook event page for the Comrades get together on the Thursday is here

29:57 - News

- Rate Your Run averages 7.9 from 110

- Ryan Hall going for the mile (read more)

- Paula out of Manchester 10k (read more)

- 5k Kawauchi style... (read more)

- Check out our 'past events' page for details of listener's marathons (here)

43:35 - Tony's Trials 






48:30 - Training Talk

- Heat and hydration with Dr Mark Hetherington (part one of three)

1:06:30 - Rant & Rave

- Phil Wilson and Emily Stubbs ranted about little black midges!

- Steve Dubois raved rather poetically about the Black Friars underpass!!!

1:08:44 - Interview - Ian Sharman

- This week’s guest announced himself as one of the World’s best ultra runners with a 12:44 course record at February’s Rocky Raccoon 100 miler, just a month later he achieved the World record for the fastest ever super hero with 2:40 at the Napa Valley Marathon, and just two days ago he finished 10th out of nearly 300 runners at the Miwok 100k race… an event with 10,000 feet of vertical climbing… in an Elvis suit! Having narrowly missed out on a much cherished gold medal at last year’s Comrades marathon, finishing 23th overall in six hours and one minute, this year he’s heading back to South Africa and will be representing England in an attempt to break into the top ten of the World’s most high profile ultra marathon. 

- Check out Ian's AMAZING blog HERE and his fundraising page HERE 

2:05:10 - Winner of the Week

- Mark Barrow - Nominated by Tricia Bunn

2:06:55 - Close

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