Episode 67 - Louise Damen


Fresh from achieving the Olympic A standard in this weekend's London Marathon Louise Damen talks all about her roller coaster year, from career threatening injury to 2:30:00 debut marathon, Tom and Martin discussed the London and Boston marathons in detail, including news of the fastest 26.2 miles in history, Tony brought us yet another weird and wonderful race report, and we heard from Marathon Talk listeners who'd run Paris, London, and Boston, and even Afghanistan! 

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been... hanging out at mile 19, duking it out with Bruce Fordyce, and running long :)

- Martin's been... hanging out a mile 19, hamming it up on stage, and not running long :(

10:03 - News

- Grete Waitz passes away (BBC website)

- Rate Your Run averages 8.3 from 122 ratings

- Haile wins Vienna half marathon (read more)

- London marathon results

- London marathon - Check out the Gingerbreadman's fundraising site here

- London marathon - Sophie Raworth's amazing race report here

33:38 - Interview with Simon Levy & Kevin Revell who'd run Paris, to London, then London itself!

- Check out their amazing website and blog here

- Boston Marathon results

- Boston post race reaction via Let's Run

- Not a World record because of these reasons

1:06:30 - Interview with Tim Cruse-Drew who'd run Boston as Comrades training

1:15:33 - Interview with Jason Giles who'd run the Boston Shadow Run at Bagram Air base.

- See our facebook events page for listener's marathons - here

1:26:15 - Tony's Trials 


1:34:18 - Rant & Rave

- Karl Zalek raves about running widows, running commuting, and running hills!

- Steve Raby rants about £50 for a single marathon photo!!! 

1:35:47 - Interview - Louise Damen

- Fresh from achieving the Olympic 'A' standard at this weekend's London Marathon, Louise chatted to Tom about overcoming injury, winning the National Cross Country Champs, and what it will take to make the 2012 start line.

2:16:38 - Winner of the Week

- Nominated by Karl Zalek, this week's Winner of the Week is Humphrey Barnikel 

2:17:35 - Close

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