Episode 66 - London Race Week


It's race week of the London and Boston marathons, as well as many other of course, so we spent today's show talking to people who had just done a marathon, were just about to do a marathon, or in some cases both! Tony Audenshaw brought us his weekly Trials, Martin and Tom worried about impending ultra marathon doom and in between all that we crammed in as much news and gossip as possible from around the running World.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been... Leeds parkrunning, not long running, and doing antipodean interviews!

- Martin's been... not running fast, running long (ish), and keep his head down ;)

Run for Japan over the first four weeks raised £25,788 and covered 13,151 miles

- Daz Reevel is about t smuggle his way round the London Marathon (read more)

- Bruce Fordyce speaking in the UK - TONIGHT! (details)

- Will anyone ever break two hours for the marathon (article) (iPlayer)

- Three x 100 press-ups? Well done to Niceguy Eddie and Grace (video)

- Drugs ban for Euro Champ (read more)

- Richard Whitehead denied a place in the 2012 paralympics (read more)

- Joan Benoit Samuelson to run Boston (link)

16:10 - News

- Rate Your Run averages 8.5 from 112 ratings

- Brighton Marathon (official site)

- Interviews with Alyson Dyxon (21:25) and Bob Groves (28:25)

- Paris Marathon (official site)

- Interview with Simon Levy and Kevin Revell (40:10) who are running Paris to London and doing BOTH marathons!

- Check out www.paristolondonrun.co.uk for all the details 

- Rotterdam Marathon now the World's fastest (read more)

- Milan Marathon (race report)

- See Marathon Talk events page HERE for details of other races mentioned

1:02:22 - Tony's Trials - "I'm running the marathon. Will you sponsor me?"

- The Royal Wedding - (link)

- Human Centipede - (link)

- Back Your Bottle - (link)

- Fastest Fairy - (link)

- Fastest Baby - (link)

- Tony Audenshaw (Tony's Trials) - (link)

1:08:50 - Training Talk - Race Day

- What to do, and what not to do, over those amazing 24 hours they call race day and the morning after!

1:25:30 - Rant & Rave

- Viv Fraser raves about the Marathon Talk community :)

- JD Carpentieri rants about runners needing to get over themselves a bit! 

1:27:48 - Winner of the Week

- Nominated by Greg James - this weeks winners are all the runners who went for it but came up short!

1:28:45 - Close

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