Episode 64 - Jeff Galloway (part two)


The run / walk / run strategy was developed by Jeff Galloway over 30 years ago, in that time it's taken many thousands of marathon runners to PB performances, Tom caught up with Jeff to find out just how it works. Martin and Tom both ran further than they every have before, Tony set out his London Marathon plans and there was the usual ranting, raving, and winner of the week...ing.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been wrestling his central governor, and running longer than ever before!

- Martin's been cuddling his central governor, and running longer than ever before!

- Run for Japan breaks £20,000 and 10,000 miles - find out more

- The Marathon Talk spring motivation campaign is over for 2011 - details

- Press-ups... Martin is... BACK. IN. THE. GAME.

- Check out the AMAZING documentary with James Cracknell HERE

- Paris to London (the marathons that is) with Simon and Kevin - here

21:52 - News

- Rate Your Run averages 8.6 from 103

     - Dan Peace, Rory Davies, Daz Reevell, Mandy Kennet & Steve Hilliard made it onto the show.

- Check out Simon Buckden's facebook page - here

- Wanjiru out of the Virgin London Marathon - BBC

- Japanese elite women to run in London - Let's Run

- Mo's half marathon time, not quite a UK record - Power of 10

- World's heaviest marathoner - read more

- Jerusalem Marathon - Marathon Guide

- Ocean Drive Marathon - official site

- Wicklow Way Ultra - official site

31:35 - Tony's Trials

35:07 - Training Talk - Taper Time

- Reduce fatigue and remove injuries

- You won't loose fitness but it's not too late to get things wrong

- Have faith in the work you've done

- Don't get tempted into one final smackdown

- Better to be undercooked than overcooked!

57:38 - Rant & Rave

- Trevor Foale rants about tourists

- Maggie Cooper raves about spring

58:42 - Interview - Jeff Galloway (part two)

- Following in from part one (last week) of our interview with Jeff Galloway, Tom and Jeff get stuck into the run / walk strategy.

- Check out Jeff's great website and running resource at www.jeffgalloway.com

1:35:05 - Winner of the Week

- Thanks to David Hughes for nominating phyios!

1:35:50 - Close

- Find out more about Run for Japan at www.runforjapan.com

- Don't forget to Rate Your Run from Sunday at marathontalk.com

- Thanks to everyone who's ordered Marathon Talk hoodies, t-shirts and hats (find out more)

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- The Leeds University lecture series details are here

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