Episode 63 - Jeff Galloway (part one)


We bring you news of Mo Farah's win in NY, the World XC champs and marathons in Rome and LA, Run for Japan is going super well. We have the first of a 'Tom two 2 parter' with 1972 Olympian, author of 20 running books, finisher of 150 marathons and the guy behind the run-walk marathon strategy Jeff Galloway. We get stimulated in training talk. There's Rate your Run and Marchvellous, rant, rave and winner of the week and Tony Audenshaw brings us another hilarious Tony's Trials.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been coming second again, running a marathon, and watchin the New York City Half Marathon

- Martin's been running more than a marathon and carrying the bags for Liz

- Check out Tom's interview on the Mystras Running website here

- Run for Japan goes from strength to strength here

- It's the final week of Marchvellous - read more

- Tom's keeping on the press-up 'straight and narrow' thanks to hundredpushups.com

- Check out the Scottish Ultra Marathon Championships here 

- Sixty-six ultra marathons, sixty-six days, sixty-six cities - Challenge 66 with Andy McMenemy here

- Thanks to Tony Lloyd for his great race report

00:00 - News

- Rate Your Run averages 8.4 from 121 ratings

- New York City Half Marathon

     - New York Times article here

- Scott Murphy's awesome photos here

- Watch the race video here

- World XC Championships

- Let's Run review here

- Athletics Weekly review here

- Japan's juniors win bronze here

- World XC Boxing at 1:45 in to this video...

- Rome Marathon - IAAF Report

- LA Marathon - report

- Liz runs 72:00 for 2nd place at the Reading Half Marathon - official website

- Tadese runs 58:30 in Lisbon - read more

- Deeside Way Ultra - official website

- Paula to run Manchester 10k on May 15th - read more

00:00 - Tony's Trials

 - Tony's talking to his feet!

00:00 - Training Talk - Caffeine with Dr Mark Hetherington

- Caffeine - What is it and how can marathon runners benefit from using it?

- Mark Heatherington is from the physiology department at the University of Leeds, has worked with the Brownlees, Tracy Morris, Susan Partridge, England Rugby League, and Philip Graves. He's also an experienced marathon runner, head coach for Abbey Runners, and now race director.

- Check out his brilliant new event The Bridlington Festival of Running - HERE

00:00 - Rant & Rave

- Mark Hazlehurst and Nick Roberts RANT about runners dropping litter!

- Tim Cooke RAVES about magic days.

00:00 - Interview - Jeff Galloway

- At the forefront of running innovation for over forty years, having represented the US at the 1972 Olympics over 10,000 metres, he’s run with and competed against the likes of Steve Prefontaine, Frank Shorter and London Marathon race director Dave Bedford. He’s written 20 books on running and sold over one million copies and has a monthly column in the US edition of Runner’s World. In 1973 he broke the US ten mile record with 47:49 and in total has completed over 150 marathons remaining injury free for the last 32 years. Through development of his marathon training programme he has helped hundreds of thousands of people to achieve their running goals. 

- Check out Jeff's website and great runner's resource here... www.jeffgalloway.com

00:00:00 - Winner of the Week

- Nominated by Mark Barrow - this week's winner of the week is Will Clark

00:00:00 - Close

- Find out more about Run for Japan at www.runforjapan.com

- Don't forget to Rate Your Run from Sunday at marathontalk.com

- Thanks to everyone who's ordered Marathon Talk hoodies, t-shirts and hats (find out more)

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- The Leeds University lecture series details are here

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