Episode 61 - Andrew Lemoncello (part two)


Tune in for the second part of our interview with top British marathon runner Andrew Lemoncello, find out how Martin's getting on in Lanzarote, hear about Tom's amazing VI experience, and poor old Tony just can't face talking about it!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been inspired, motivated and emotional!

- Martin's been swim bike running in the sun

- Check out the UK Ultra-Running Championships (here)

- We're speaking to Jeff Galloway, check out his new podcast (here)

- Keep the spring motivation rolling with Marchvellous

- Helen Clitheroe wins the European Inoor 3,000m champs

16:30 - News

- Rate Your Run averages 8.5 from 110 ratings

- Mo Farah to run NYC half marathon (read more) (official site)

- Find out all about the Kawauchi effect at the Biwako Marathon (here)

- Well done to the Marathon Talkers at Barcelona, Belvoir and Grantham

27:40 - Tony's Trials

 - When half marathons go bad!

28:00 - Training Talk - Racing in the build up to a marathon

- From 5km to marathon distance we go through the in's and out's of racing in your marathon build up

- Check out the great interview with Greg Meyer here

44:00 - Rant & Rave

- John Gibbard rants about over compensating bodies AND long slow public runs

- Shame O'Rourke raves about the start of spring and lamb stir frys

45:51 - Interview -Andrew Lemoncello (part two)

- Olympic steeple chaser Andrew Lemoncello ran his first ever marathon just under one year ago... finishing in 2:13:40 he ended 2010 as the UK's fastest marathon runner of the year. Martin caught up with Andrew to talk all about running... 

- Andrew's amazing blog (up until January 2011) can be found here, and since then has moved here.

1:13:00 - Winner of the Week

- The New York Harriers - nominated by Marc Potter

- Check out their website here

1:14:25 - Close

- Don't forget to Rate Your Run from Sunday at marathontalk.com

- Thanks to everyone who's ordered Marathon Talk hoodies, t-shirts and hats (find out more)

- Pop along to our Facebook events page here

- Check out Tom's Comrades training diary here

- The Leeds University lecture series details are here

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