Episode 600 - Dave Bedford


Join us one last time as we discuss the latest news in running (and life!) and interview legend of running and the London Marathon, Dave Bedford. We catch up with Tom as we look back over 12 years of Marathon Talk, and there's a very special Tony's Trials. We want to thank each and every one of you for coming on the run with us. Whether you have run, laughed, cried, worn your kit around the world, felt Jantastic, rated your run, ranted or raved. We are grateful for each and every interaction, for the community you have created and we thank you for the support.

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Show Notes


So, this is it. The final ever MT. The time is never right to stop something you love and that has brought so much joy to your life for so long, yet at the same time we know lives change, seasons shift and the timing is right to end the Marathon Talk run.

We are still hoping to say goodbye to everyone in person at one final social event. Covid restrictions and uncertainty in the UK have meant that we haven't been able to firm up a date or location for an event just yet.

We'd love to get together with you this summer to celebrate the Marathon Talk community- we just aren't sure what that looks like yet.

We will share details to get together in the near future so keep your Kit Around the World at hand and keep following our socials and website for information."

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Interview - Dave Bedford

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  • Holly will be out running
  • Martin will be out running

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