Episode 60 - Andrew Lemoncello (part one)


British Olympic steeple chaser Andrew Lemoncello ran 2:13:40 around the streets of London in his debut marathon last year, with the 2011 London Marathon fast approaching Martin caught up with Andrew to find out how things were going and talk all about running. Tom gave it everything over ten hard miles, Tony missed out on a once in a lifetime boozy opportunity and we found out how a Japanese civil servant stunned the marathon running World.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been living on the cardiovascular edge and running long

- Martin's been suffering from horrendous man blisters and running very long

- Well done to Maria Blythe for winning the adidas MiCoach draw for febulous

- Marchvellous is open to enter for a few more days (here)

- The Gingerbread Man makes it onto Wikipedia (link)

- Well done to Kevin Betts for his 52 marathon challenge (link)

- Press-ups... Tom still really isn't feeling the press-up love!

18:27 - News

- Rate Your Run averages 8.7 from 109 ratings

- Check out Kristian Tapaninaho's great photo of his minus 15 degree run...

- Tokyo Marathon - check out Japan Running News for loads of great info.

- Joseph Tame filmed the whole thing here

29:07 - Tony's Trials

 - Things NOT to do...

31:45 - Training Talk - The mid training blip!

- What to do if you miss a large chunk of training

- Don't panic

- Don't overdo it trying to come back

- One week will make no difference, two week's very little difference

- It can still be a great holiday

- There will be plenty more marathons

37:57 - Rant & Rave

- Ewan Malloch rants about the amount of time it takes to get over injuries

- Brigette Groves raves about the Tunbridge Wells half marathon, medals, cheese toasties and a super cool commentators!

39:07 - Interview -Andrew Lemoncello (part one)

- Olympic steeple chaser Andrew Lemoncello ran his first ever marathon just under one year ago... finishing in 2:13:40 he ended 2010 as the UK's fastest marathon runner of the year. Martin caught up with Andrew to talk all about running... 

- Andrew's amazing blog (up until January 2011) can be found here, and since then has moved here.

1:08:05 - Winner of the Week

- Ben Pine - nominated by Kirsty Reade - (read more)

1:08:55 - Close

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