Episode 6 - Alex Vero


This week we speak with Alex Vero who's documentary 'Running to the Limits' is now available on DVD. Find out the result of round two of 'Spouse Smackdown', catch up on the latest news from the world of running and celebrate Valentine's Day with Tony.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- The Spouse Smackdown... it was close!

- Slow down Tom! 

04:22 - News

- Thirtieth Running of the Virgin London Marathon this year (link)

- Fifty marathons in eight weeks... www.runwithmark.com

- Six marathons in ten months for Angie Whitworth-Pace

- Fastest half marathon of all time? (link)

08:12 - Tony's Trials

- Happy Valentine's Day!

14:14 - Rant and Rave

- Martin loves old people

- Tom doesn't love selfish people

18:50 - Alex Vero 

- Having let himself go, to the point where he couldn't even run a mile, Alex thought he needed a challenge... running a sub 2:20 marathon and qualifying for the British Olympic team seemed like a good place to start!

- Check out his website and buy his inspirational story on DVD at www.alexvero.co.uk

1:02:00 - Questions

- Pacing your recovery run?

- Compression clothing?

- What flicks your motivational switch?

1:09:08 - Winner of the Week

- Carl Dacres - Mr Inspiration (link)

1:10:56 - Close

- More cross country and bike rides for Tom

- Liz running Wokingham half marathon this weekend

- On Friday we're interviewing Dan Robinson (link) so get your questions in early. 

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