Episode 59 - Lee Merrien


With a 2:16 in his debut marathon and both eyes focused firmly on achieving the Olympic 'A' standard in 2011 we thought it was about time we caught up with Lee Merrien, Tony couldn't make his mind up, Tom got rather muddy and Martin went for a rather speedy long run!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been bog snorkelling!

- Martin's been watching bog snorkelling!!

- Press-ups.... not going well... will Tom pull the plug... tune in next week!

- Febulous rolls on and Marchvellous is announced

- Check out the Bridlington Festival of Running HERE

- Olympic ticket prices (read more)

- Sign up for part three of your spring motivation... Marchvellous

- Ryder Cup final video (here)

- Joseph Tame's live stream of the Tokyo Marathon (here)

- To get involved in Tom's event for VI runners drop us a line

- Just a few places left on the Edinburgh Marathon workshop

- You MUST listen to MT listener Graham Farr's amazing interview with the legendary Graeme Obree (link)

24:00 - News

- Rate Your Run averages 8.3 from 151 ratings

- Mo Farah breaks European indoor 5k record (video)

- Pavey to run NYC half marathon (read more)

- Keitany smashes World half marathon record and Merga goes off like a rocket (read more)

- Yokohama International Women's Marathon (results)

- Janet Rono wins in Hong Kong (read more)

- Great story from Austin Marathon and MT interviewee Desiree Ficker takes the women's title (read more)

39:33 - Tony's Trials

 - Gingerbread Man or Fairy?

46:05 - Training Talk - Long run recovery

- Nutrition

- Hydration

- Keep moving

- Wind down

- Compress (maybe)

1:02:00 - Rant & Rave

- Pete Matthews rants about the muddy moaners at this weekend's national XC

- Andi Jones rants about the bin men

- John ford raves about Welsh dog owners!

1:04:01 - Interview - Lee Merrien

- Guernsey speedster, 2:16 debutant and London Olympic hopeful, Lee Merrien told us all about his training in Kenya, his great 2010 and how 2011's going to pan out.

- Check out Lee's great blog (here) and website (here)

1:42:10 - Raspberry of the Week

- You!

1:42:50 - Close

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