Episode 582 - Damian Hall


Martin talks to Damian Hall about his new book, In it for the Long Run. Thank you to Tribe for supporting this week's show, we catch up with co-founder Tom Stancliffe. There's a new 12-year-old 5K world record, and Anna Rutherford breaks the Southern Upland Record ... fueled on stock cubes. Training Talk is supported by Exhale Coffee, and we speak to their founder, Alex Higham, and discuss our personal returns to running post COVID jab.

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Show Notes


  • Martin's been running 11 miles on the Purbecks
  • Holly's been sick after her COVID jab


Throughout May, the show is sponsored by TRIBE, the UK’s leading all-natural, vegan, performance-nutrition brand, providing a range of over 20 natural protein and energy products to fuel active lifestyles.

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Training Talk with Exhale Coffee

Throughout May, Training Talk is sponsored by Exhale Coffee Roasters. A UK first, Exhale’s speciality coffee is crafted for health by their expert-led team.

Their unique process, involving nine independent laboratory tests, is designed to lock in the coffee’s natural goodness, and to produce a coffee that’s high in antioxidants and polyphenols, and free from contaminants such as mycotoxins and pesticides. 

The Times newspaper even included it as a ‘Top 10 Health Trend for 2021’.

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Interview - Damian Hall


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