Episode 574 - Sophie Raworth


Holly talks to runner and BBC News presenter Sophie Raworth about how running has been her saviour through lockdown. We also talk about XC running distances, running with a mask, and being a lockdown diva. Plus, Training Talk is back with strength training for runners.

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Show Notes



Training Talk - Strength Training for Runners

  • Lower body - low volume/high weight - upcto 3 sets of no more 5 reps eg. squats, trap bar DL/SL DL either immediately prior to speed session or 8 hours prior or after workout. - 80-95% LRM
  • Higher reps/volume lower body - 6+ reps x 3 sets should be placed around easy days  - ideally not a LR day (90 mins plus) - 50-70% LRM
  • If your goal is to be stronger or add muscle - Lift first
  • If your goal is to be a faster runner - lift after
  • Upper body can be placed in the week to suit
  • Concurrent Training - ideally first few days of the week consist of heavier lifting around faster sessions and then higher reps end of week or around easier runs.
  • 6 total sets of compound movements per week 
  • Tapering? Should I lift race week?

Interview - Sophie Raworth


  • Martin will be running
  • Holly will be running

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