Episode 562 - Naomi Mitchell


Mymo sponsor the show, Holly speaks to 2:33 marathoner, Naomi Mitchell, Martin speaks to Mymo founder Craig Downs, Tom’s back in the studio having run the London Marathon, in October, in Harrogate, Paula’s European 10,000m record is smashed in the Netherlands, and world records tumble in Valencia.

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Show Notes

This month, the show is sponsored by Mymo - an industry-first personal sensor device which measures your gait and matches your running style to a database of all the latest running shoes.

You can use Mymo as many times as you like, in the comfort of your own environment (on the track, at home, in the gym or park). Mymo replaces traditional in-store gait assessments and gives you real-time gait data.

Mymo gives you the confidence to make an informed decision when it comes to buying your next pair of running shoes. Find out more at www.mymo.co.uk or via social media @mymorunning


  • Tom's been loving he London Marathon #The40thRace
  • Martin's been running 14 miles

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Interview - Naomi Mitchell


  • Martin will be kicking back
  • Tom will be searching for his missing mojo

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