Episode 541 - Flora Beverley


On this week’s show the Dublin Marathon is cancelled, Holly speaks to blogger and adventure runner Flora Beverley, Zach Bitter breaks the 100 mile WR on a TREADMILL!!! Tony is back with his Trials, we talk lockdown leaving killing sessions, you rate your runs and share your marathon talk kit around the house.

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Show Notes


  • Holly's been missing the gym, home, going to 5 places???
  • Martin's been 10mile royals flush banging!

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Kit Around the House

We now use our social media channels to share your amazing Kit Around the House photos. If you’ve got cool photos of you showing off your Marathon Talk kit in an interesting place then please do share it on social media, using #KitAroundTheHouse and tagging @marathontalk


To Rate Your Run

  • Head to Twitter
  • Tell us about a recent run
  • Give it a mark out of 10
  • Tag @marathontalk
  • Use #RateYourRun

Tony's Trials

Training Talk - massive sessions to leave lockdown

  1. 10 mile royal flush - first one 2mins slower than threshold pace.
  2. Sandwich session. 8 mins tempo - 2min jog - 8x1min hard with 1min jog -2 min jog- 8min hard
  3. Hills - 8x15sec hills - 10min easy - 30min tempo.

Interview - Flora Beverley

Holly speaks to Flora Beverley. Flora on Twitter


  • Martin will be working on stormbreak and going to the beach!
  • Holly will be having a Big Birthday week

Thank you to Flora for the fantastic interview, our wonderful volunteer production team, and you, our listeners for the relentless positivity.

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