Episode 54 - Liz McColgan


Tom's been podcasting American Style, Martin's been running long with the Rubinator, Tony's had an up and down week and Scottish running legend Liz McColgan talked big city victories!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been cross country running and writing his Comrades training schedule

- He's also been interviewed on top American running podcast The Marathon Show

     - Check out his interview with host Joe Taricani HERE

     - Find out more about The Marathon Show via their website HERE

- Martin's been running more than he has for many years

- He's also been coaching for the NSPCC :)

10:42 - News

- Rate Your Run - 126 ratings at time of recording the show

- Josh Cox wins Rock'n'Roll Arizona Marathon and sets US 50km record (read more)

- Kara Goucher runs 74 minutes at Arizona half (read more)

- Country to Capital Ultra (Marathon Talk events page)

15:31 - Tony's Trials

- BOO :(


17:35 - Training Talk - How to re-set your goals.

 - Start from scratch

- Re-evaluate your initial target

- Re-evaluate your race goal

- Write down your new training plan

- Increase your motivation levels

28:55 - Rant & Rave

- Mark Barrow raves about stretching, and rants about wheel trims!

32:04 - Interview - Liz McColgan

- With New York City and London Marathon victories as well as British records, World Championship golds, and some super fast training session all part of Liz's amazing running career, she was the perfect person to talk to about running... fast!

1:16:10 - Winner of the Week

- Nominated by Steve Treweeks - Sandbach Striders and Jason Bulley

1:17:30 - Close

- Don't forget to Rate Your Run from Sunday at marathontalk.com

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- See you at Barnsley parkrun on Saturday 

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