Episode 533 - Elsey Davis


On this week’s show the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been postponed, the UK announce revised coronavirus lockdown measures, we talk tensions between running, social distancing and staying at home, you share some kit around the house pics, and Holly interviews marathon runner and GP Elsey Davis.

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Show Notes



  • Holly's been burning cakes and trying to stay positive
  • Martin's been consumed by news, trying to stay focussed, feeling over whelmed. 

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Hey runners, it’s really simple.

Avoid all unnecessary contact.

If you run, go alone. Once. 

If you run, go steady. 

If you run, avoid people. 

If you run, it’s your responsibility to save lives.

If you run, take care. Be safe. 


Interview - marathoner Elsey Davis

Elsey on twitter


  • Holly will be on the pull up bar and staying home
  • Martin will be staying home on the rollers

Thank you Elsey for the chat, our wonderful production and social team and you, our listeners, for another episode of Marathon Talk.

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