Episode 52 - Eamonn Martin


As the last British winner of the London Marathon and 1995 Chicago Marathon champion Eamonn Martin was the perfect person to motivate us towards our spring marathon campaigns, Tony kicked off the New Year in true Tony style, Jantastic went crazy and Tom & Martin talked all about running.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been driving in his car, having a festive stinker and rolling in the mud!
- Martin's been sticking to his intervals, running long and sticking mince pies to his back!
- They've both fallen off the press-up bandwagon... oh oh!
- Next week's show will be Marathon Talk's first Birthday.
- Jantastic smashes through 500 entries and gets it's own chat room
- Some listeners have had difficulty getting the show on their iPhones, email us if that's you
- Just for Men steal our theme tune!
13:40 - News
- Rate Your Run - 133 ratings at an average of 8.5 
- The Sunrise to Sunset Challenge (read more)
- Sammy Wanjiru arrested (read more)
- Amazing Japanese running (read more)
21:54 - Tony's Trials - Get ready for 2011!

26:55 - Training Talk - What to do... now!
- Training budget
- Routine
- Consistency
If you've had a Christmas stinker
- Don't panic!
- Catch up slowly
- Look after yourself
If you've had a festive flyer
- Slow things down and leave yourself somewhere to go
- Look after yourself
- Go with the flow
36:07 - Rant and Rave
Martin raves about all the active people :)
Tom rants about the low turnout at the Sheffield cross country race :(

39:58 - Interview - Eamonn Martin

As the last British winner of the London Marathon, running 2:10:50 in 1993 and also the 1995 Chicago Marathon champion Eamonn Martin was the perfect person to speak to as we looked toward our spring marathon campaigns. 

1:18:40 - Winner of  the Week

The Fetch Pesterers - nominated by Gwen Curtin via email

1:19:25 - Close
- Don't forget to Rate You Run
- Definitely don't forget to log your Jantastic efforts
- Pop over to our events pages and stick your name down
- Bupa Great Edinburgh Cross Country this Saturday (details)
- Tom's giving a free marathon talk (here)

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