Episode 51 - The Best of 2010


What an amazing year! Over the last 12 months the Marathon Talk community has gone from strength to strength with the show being downloaded 252,000 times to 108 countries around the World. In this show we talked all about ours and your favourite bits from the first 50 shows... from Tim Noakes, Ryan Hall and Liz Yelling to Tony's Trials, Rant & Rave and Training Talk. Thanks for supporting the show through 2010... here's to an amazing 2011.

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Show Notes



As this show falls in between Christmas and the New year we’ve got something a little different for you.  We’re going to be taking a look back over our first year and revisiting some of yours and our highlights. We’ll take you behind the scenes of the show, share some of our favorite outakes and moments from the year.

Stephen Creeden at Cork Institute of TechDoing his dissertation on comparing different marathon routes in terms of difficulty and would like yo know your thoughts as to what things he should consider. Email him via [email protected]

More research from Tim Noakes about when to drink and when not to drink

11:11 - The Chicago Drill (outtake)

15:00 - Tony’s Trials - Iburofen

18:00 - Tony's Trials - Do you stretch

20:27 - Tony's Trials - The Gingerbread Man
29:15 - Bruce Fordyce's advice to Tom's Dad

34:55 - Liz Yelling arrives in the MCG

41:03 - Ryan Hall's dislike for limitations

42:25 - Ryan Hall's pacing strategy

51:00 - Barefoot Ted talks us through the default condition of human running

54:50 - Barefoot Ted's super springy shoes

1:00:13 - Will Cockerell's Zatopek impression

1:03:20 - Rich Castro's take on community

1:06:40 - Tim Noakes on running 

1:08:00 - The Mouse (outtake)

1:11:19 - Martin Rants about short cuts (and confesses his love of caravans and corsets)

1:14:57 - Tom doesn't rant about MP3 players in races

1:16:48 - The Training Talk Spuds

1:18:07 - Winner of the Year - Marathon Talk

1:24:39 - Jantastic - Click HERE to sign up for free

1:28:29 - A Pair of Numpties (outtake)


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