Episode 507 - Sanjay Rawal


On this weeks show Martin and Holly are in the studio. They look forward to the World Champs in Doha starting this Friday. Kipchoge enlists 42 pacemakers to help him break the 2hr marathon. Cheriot and Kastor are both out of Berlin Marathon this weekend. Martin speaks to filmmaker Sanjay Rawal about his film 3100 Run and Become, the Self-Transcendence 3100 Miler and seeking enlightenment. We choose our kit around the world, you rate your run and we discuss why you should be taking some downtime after a big race.

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Show Notes


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  • Holly's been getting older and getting lost
  • Martin's been lacking running mojo!
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  • Pacemakers everywhere! | Ineos 1:59 Challenge
  • Cheriot and Kastor out of Berlin | Xinuanet
  • This Friday the IAAF Women's Marathon World Champs is on in Doha! | IAAF


Martin speaks to filmmaker Sanjay Rawal about his latest movie 3100 Run and Become.

Sanjay on Twitter.  3100 on Twitter. Watch the film.

Tony's Trials - Tony's trail racing in Spain.

Training Talk - Martin and Holly talk downtime after a race.


  • Martin will be running the Windsor Half Marathon with friends
  • Holly will be racing the Salisbury Half Marathon

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