Episode 506 - Gerda Steyn


Tom speaks to current Comrades champion (and up-run record-holder), Gerda Steyn, Martin's back from the beach, we’re recording on a Friday so the news hasn’t happened yet, and Training Talk goes back to the 1950s.

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Show Notes


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  • Martin's been a poorly boy
  • Tom's been parkrunning Down Under
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Interview - Gerda Steyn

Training Talk - 5,000m 1950s Style

  • 20 miles per week
    • 1 x 3-mile progression
    • 1 x km reps
    • 1-2 x easy


  • Martin will be in Windsor with Chris Evans (not that he likes talking about it) and working hard on Stormbreak
  • Tom will be in South Shields for his mother-in-law's 70th

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