Episode 50 - Toby Tanser


Earlier this year Toby ran from the Kenyan coast straight to the top of mount Kilimanjaro... Martin caught up with him to talk all about his amazing adventure. Tom moaned about sore legs, Martin climbed back to the top of the Spouse Smackdown podium and Tony was feeling rather festive.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been back on the top step of the Spouse Smackdown!

- Tom's been going all soft and running with Russell.

- Check out Ron Hill's blog (here)

07:20 - News

- Rate Your Run looking good before Christmas...

Dave Stewart - 8.5 - A snow dusted sloooow quiet ice run up the West Highland Way. Finished off with a frozen loch crossing, which always looks funny on the GPS map afterwards.

Liam Friel - 8.7 - Decided not to cross the frozen over river Tyne on foot as most of us are carrying a few too many pies!

Paul - 9.0 - Tough 30km run along Yurrebilla Trail in the Adelaide Hills. Temp was cold, only 15C! Was great for running though, lots of colour with all the wildflowers still out :)

Nathan Price - 9.5 - I completed my first ultra marathon, the HUFF 50K (Huntington Ultra Frigid Fifty), which was a trail ultra in Huntington, Indiana. Frigid it was! The temperature at start time was hovering 15F!

Andrew Eberhard - 7.1 - Hot Taipei Marathon went badly but was still enjoyed! 

Kelvin Gower - 7.7 - Stuck out in Egypt. Ran last night and wanted to include the hotel's 3,000M jogging track at the back end of my run. 

- Virgin London Marathon 2011 elite start list is out... here

- Haile back in full training (read more)

- Kara Goucher running 95 weekly miles (read more)

- Jacksonville Bank Marathon (results

17:44 - Tony's Trials

- The Twelve Trials of Christmas

21:36 - Training Talk

 - Do you train on Christmas Day?

28:35 - Rant & Rave

- Martin rants about The Apprentice

- Tom raves about the millions of great volunteers around the World

30:29 - Interview - Toby Tanser

- Toby Tanser is a runner, (no slouch with a 2:16 marathon PB), a humanitarian, and author of many books on Kenyan running (including the brilliant ‘More Fire – how to run the Kenyan Way) and the Kenyan way of life.  

Things changed though back in 1995. Tanser was one of those elite-runner who’d had arrived in kenya with the sole purpose of training with the world’s best. He got off the plane with bags filled with his training shoes but was deeply affected by the poverty he saw during his stay, he left with nothing, deciding to give everything away — even the shoes on his feet. After that memorable trip he’s devoted the last 15 years of his life to bringing shoes, healthcare and peace to Kenya through the not for profit organisation Shoe4Africa.org

Another pair of Christmas socks?  Donate to Toby's hospital fund and 'click 4 a brick' here

Read about it here

1:14:45 - Winner of the Week

- Martyn Roden-Davies of Lincoln & District Runners - nominated by Jon Hobbs via email

1:16:00 - Close

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