Episode 429 - Nancy Freeman


Tom speaks to Marathon Talk listener and seven continent marathoner, Nancy Freeman. Yuki runs a 70-minute half marathon dressed as a panda, there’s two stunning performances at the World Half Marathon Championships, a father and son break the world record for combined half marathons, no one at all manages to finish the Barkley Marathons and Soar Running sponsor Training Talk.

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Training Talk with Soar Running

This week’s Training Talk is sponsored by Soar Running. Soar is a London-based company born out of a desire for beautiful performance running wear. Their mission is simple – to seek unparalleled performance through the use of cutting-edge fabrics and innovative design, and to cherish the beauty of running in everything they do.

Find out more at www.soarrunning.com and get 20% off all shorts, t-shirts, vests and capris using code Maratalkspring20.

We caught up with Tim Soar (their founder) to find out Soar’s latest news.

Interview - Nancy Freeman


  • Martin will be eating Easter eggs with his mates
  • Tom will be celebrating Helen's 250th

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