Episode 488 - Nicky Spinks LIVE


On this week’s show Tom hosts a Q&A with Nicky Spinks where they talk all things Double Bob and the Barkley Marathons, Mo and Galen are running Chicago, Aly Dixon ups the distance, Athletics South Africa will appeal the decision against Caster Semenya, and there’s quite possibly the greatest dip ever from someone with quite possibly the greatest name ever! Holly’s back from her latest victory, Thriva sponsor Training Talk where Tom and Brian talk Comrades training with just a few weeks to go, and you guys break down barriers in Facebook Friday.

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Show Notes


  • Martin's been sub 18min parkrunning and royal flushing.
  • Holly's been winning fishnchippers.

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Kit Around the World

Facebook Friday.

Don’t say * barrier * ! Eliud’s going for the big breaking 2 part 2 in October so for this week’s Facebook Friday we want to know which time and distance are you still chasing?

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Training Talk


This week’s Training Talk is sponsored by Thriva. Tom and Brian talk Comrades prep.

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Interview - Nicky Spinks Q&A LIVE with Tom.

Run Forever: The Film of Nicky Spinks and the Double Bob Graham

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  • Holly will be living the smack talk and looking for races and house and dog sitting.
  • Martin will be completing the Three Peaks.

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