Episode 486 - The London Marathon Special


We bring you all the news from a spectacular Virgin Money London Marathon. There were world records for a fastest second half, first loser, and third placer... incredible performances from male and female Brits, stories galore, and Eliud Kipchoge at his glorious best. We also catch up with Sarah O’shea about how her race went, and Training Talk looks at what to do if your marathon didn’t go to plan.

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Show Notes


  • Martin's been nobbing his way around the London Marathon Expo
  • Holly's been running the London Marathon
  • Thanks so much to all our listeners who've supported the show by becoming a Patron

MT Austria 2019! 

Join Martin and Holly for Run Camp Austria! All the details.

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Training Talk sponsored by Thriva

This week’s Training Talk is sponsored by Thriva, a finger-prick blood test that allows you to track everything from iron, folate, vitamin D, B12, and more. Take the test at home and get GP-analysed results with personal recommendations within 48 hours. As a runner it offers a great way to check key biomarkers and provide data that helps to ensure your body is performing at an optimal level. Get £25 off your first personalised Thriva subscription using code: MARATHONTALK25 at www.thriva.co


  • Holly will be preparing for the trail/ultra season
  • Martin will be at Southampton Marathon

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