Episode 485 - Vicky Holland (Part Two)


This week's show is sponsored by Precision Hydration. Eliud’s up for London, the Two Oceans Marathon is re-routed, and Bernard Lagat is after his family marathon record. We announce a new leisure tee, Training Talk is brought to you by Fitness Rewards, and Tom speaks to Vicky Holland in part two of our interview with the current World Triathlon Champion.

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Show Notes

This week's show is sponsored by our friends at Precision Hydration

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Plus, check out THIS great blog on 5 ways to avoid ruining your marathon the week before your race.


MT Austria 2019! 

Join Martin and Holly for Run Camp Austria! All the details.

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Tom and Martin talk through last-minute race-day marathon tips.

Interview - Vicky Holland (Part Two)


  • Martin will be prancing round the London Marathon Expo
  • Tom will be speaking to Andy Brown

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