Episode 481 - Ryan Hall (Part One)


On this week’s show we’re joined by Ryan Hall! Yes, that’s right, 2:04 Boston Marathon running and US record holder Ryan Hall. The World XC champs is this weekend, Laura Weightman goes super fast over 10k, Mike Wardian runs all way down Israel in 10 days, Yuki puts his final touches to Boston prep dressed as a ninja, Steve Magness reminds us you’re not what you do, Holly and I talk the final 5 weeks of a marathon build up. Plus, you guys Rate Your Run, climb about the Launch Pad, and stand atop the Podium.

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Show Notes

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  • Martin's mojo is coming back!
  • Holly's been racing Barcelona Marathon.
  • Thanks so much to all our listeners who've supported the show by becoming a Patron

MT Austria 2019! 

Join Martin and Holly for Run Camp Austria! All the details. 

Kit Around the World


  • Rate Your Run
  • Laura Weightman runs UK’s 5th fastest 10k  | Fast Running
  • How do elites prepare to defend World Marathon Major titles? Dressed as a ninja that’s how! Gary Allen on Twitter
  • Mike Wardian sets a new FKT for the Israel national trail and Ian Corless covered it all! | Ian Corless.
  • Steve Magness book The Passion paradox looks ACE! | The Passion Paradox
  • It’s the World XC this weekend in Denmark! Watch it on the BBC.
  • Athletics Weekly Blog. AW.
  • Radcliffe and O’Sullivan squeeze through a tiny gap! | IAAF

Listener Podium

  • Each week we celebrate your marathon results on The Listener Podium
  • To add your result, and maybe get mentioned on the show, you need to do the following...
    • Login to this website
    • Search our event listings for your marathon (if it's not there you can add it)
    • Add your marathon result
    • Bask in the golden-glow of glory

Training Talk

Entering your final month of a marathon build up, do’s and not to do’s!

  1. Last long runs
  2. Fuelling and pacing
  3. Personal admin
  4. Race strategy planning
  5. Strong head.

Interview - Ryan Hall. (Part One)

Martin speaks to US running legend, lifter and Christian Ryan Hall.

Ryan's new book. Run the Mile You're In.


  • Martin will be running with some MP’s and hosting an event with Jo Pavey at the Science Museum
  • Holly will be racing Manchester Marathon

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