Episode 475 - Dave Ross


Richard Whitehead’s set to run Tokyo, the world indoor mile record is missed by one hundredth of a second, the RAK half marathon produces its usual breathtaking performances, and Susanna Gill wins the World Marathon Challenge. Runderwear sponsor the show, Training Talk is brought to you by Thriva, and Facebook Friday asks for your own personal influencers.

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Thanks to this weeks sponsor - Runderwear

This week the show is sponsored by Runderwear, a British brand which makes seamless, moisture-wicking, technical performance underwear to prevent chaffing.

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Entries close on the 13th March.


Good luck!




Training Talk sponsored by Thriva

This week’s Training Talk is sponsored by Thriva.

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Interview - Dave Ross



  • Martin will be prepping for Run Camp
  • Hanging out with his parkrun buddies

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