Episode 472 - Luke Tyburski


This week the show is sponsored by Tribe, the UK’s leading all-natural sports nutrition brand. Martin is joined by a less than normal chirpy Holly Rush, Jasmin Paris goes all epic at the Spine, Houston is super fast, Jo Pavey goes for Olympic Games number 6, Yuki plans to race Vancouver, Training Talk looks at upping your marathon game. We're joined by runner, author and coach Luke Tyburski. You Rate Your Run, climb aboard the Launch Pad, stand atop the Podium, and the Kit Around the World is back!

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Show Notes


  • Holly's not feeling so chipper.
  • Martin's holding off the running and completed his first S&C session.

TRIBE, the UK’s leading all natural sports nutrition brand providing a range of natural energy and recovery products specifically tailored for runners are sponsoring the show this week.

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TRIBE Co-Founder Tom Stancliffe joins us on the show.

Kit Around the World


Listener Podium

  • Each week we celebrate your marathon results on The Listener Podium
  • To add your result, and maybe get mentioned on the show, you need to do the following:
    • Login to this website
    • Search our event listings for your marathon (if it's not there you can add it)
    • Add your marathon result
    • Bask in the golden-glow of glory

Training Talk - Martin and Holly talk upping a marathon game in January.

Interview - Luke Tyburski

Check out Luke's book Chasing Extreme via his website.


  • Martin's running with some MP's and heading to Southampton parkrun with Garmin.
  • Holly's getting buff for the Tom vs Holly Powerlifting challenge

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