Episode 471 - Colin McCourt


This week’s show is sponsored by Tribe, the UK’s leading all-natural sports nutrition brand, Tom catches up with the one and only Colin McCourt, London and Boston announce super-stellar elite fields, and Training Talk reviews Brian’s Comrades strategy.

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Show Notes


  • Martin's been running less, and getting ready to lift
  • Tom's been avoiding the playground at Cliffe Castle parkrun

TRIBE are the UK’s leading all-natural sports nutrition brand, providing a range of natural energy and recovery products specifically tailored for runners, are sponsoring the show this week.

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  • Rate Your Run
  • London announce elite fields | athleticsweekly.com
  • Boston announce elite fields | letsrun.com
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Training Talk - Brian does Comrades

  • Completion is the only goal
  • It's just a long slow run
  • Fat adaptation is really important
  • Keep things free and easy
  • The long run is King

Interview - Colin McCourt

  • Colin on Twitter and Instagram
  • Check-out That Running Podcast with Colin and Ross Murray


  • Martin's whipping out his paddle
  • Tom's at a special parkrun on Saturday

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