Episode 47 - Prof Tim Noakes


Legendary running Prof Tim Noakes gives a brilliant interview about central governor theory. Tom and Martin talk about coughs and colds.  There's plenty of news from the world of running.  We hear from superstar Tony in his trials and there's a great winner of the week for Movember. 

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Show Notes

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00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been dressing as a reindeer and running 10k. Hands up for no intervals.  Hands down for press ups.

- Tom's been running in the snow and living it up at swanky awards with his talented better half Helen Williams who won a top BIPP award.  (Link)

- Toby Tanser did it! Well done on running from from the Sea to the Stars (Mombasa to Mt Kilimanjiro)  (Link)

- Movember – to raise awareness of prostate cancer.  Lots of men growing moustaches. (Link)

- Up for a long run? 3,100 mile Self-Transcendence… fancy 5649 laps of a 883 metre lap? (link)

- Marathon Talk on the BBC – that’s right, it might be the tiniest link but we’re quite proud that it’s there.

- 800m talk.  4 world 800m record holders met in Monaco to talk about their runs.  Great video from Lets Run (LINK).  

-  Marathon Talk: your events  – tell us where your racing and get connected with other Marathon Talk listeners  (LINK)

13:50 - News

- Rate Your Run has moved here and this week we scored 7.9

- Lake Kawaguchi Marathon results

- A close finish at the Florence Marathon. Watch the video of the finish here. Full results here.

- Deca Ironman.  Dave Clamp finished an impressive 2nd after going round and round and round and ....

- Double Deca - Chet 'The Jet' Blanton.  Doing it solo in Hawaii. (Link)

20:30 - Tony's Trials

- Not long to go for Tony until he toes the line at the Calvia Marathon.

23:15- Training Talk - Coughs, cold and common complaints - what do to.

  • Eat a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet
  • Get sufficient sleep and recovery
  • Take a vitamin supplement – vitamin C and zinc
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Regular exercise boosts your immune system in the long term, but suppresses it in immediately afterwards making you more vulnerable to infection
  • Ensure you take adequate recovery precautions – keep warm, rehydrate, have a light post run snack.

32:15 - Rant & Rave

- Martin raves about finish lines.

- Tom rants about MP3's in races

33:40 - Interview - Prof Tim Noakes

- We caught up with Prof Tim Noakes.  Author of the definitive running text 'The Lore of Running' and one of the World's most respected sports scientists and researchers.

01:14:10 - Winner of the Week

- Best Marathon Talk Mo ;-) Great work Riku Pääkkönen

01:15:00 - Close

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