Episode 465 - Dan Plews


Jon Albon sets his sights on winning one million dollars, Steph Twell runs 2:30 in Valencia, and the California International Marathon sees 152 people qualify for the US Olympic Trials. Tom speaks to Ironman super-age-grouper and coach Dan Plews, Santa’s Sack rolls into week four with gifts from Running Dads and Flipbelt, and Facebook Friday asks for your favourite sessions.

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Show Notes


  • Tom's been embracing his inner Homer
  • Holly's pacing perfectly, for once

Santa's Sack is Back!

You could win a whole load of wonderful presents this Christmas, and get some great discounts on running gift ideas from Santa's Sack partners!

Santa's Sack

Brands involved include: Soar, Lucy Locket Loves, Runderwear, Orange Mud, Chia Charge, The Runner’s Wall, FlipBelt, Miiego, Running Dads, The Warm Up, Art of Your Success and Precision Hydration.

This week’s first gift comes from Running Dads - a community of running-loving dads, promoting health, fitness and achievement to their children through their running exploits. Find out more at www.runningdads.org

Their gift recommendation is one of their ‘Running Dads’ technical t-shirts, and they’re giving our Marathon Talk community 20% off all technical wear throughout the Santa’s Sack campaign. If you’re interested in buying one, email [email protected]

Next up, is a top gift from FlipBelt. The FlipBelt fitness belt is an alternative to bulky running armbands and running pouches. It’s lightweight, doesn’t bounce and comfortably fits all your must-have items. It’s the perfect solution for carrying your phone and keys while running or working out with your inhaler or EpiPen safely within reach. Find out more at www.flipbelt.co.uk. The FlipBelt team has recommended the FlipBelt Zipper and you can get 15% off all products online by using code SANTA15.

Goodies from Running Dads and from Flipbelt will be added to the prize haul so make sure you enter online before midnight on the 13th December.


Interview - Dan Plews


  • Holly will be running from Oman to Dubai
  • Tom will be running at least three seconds faster than Nick

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