Episode 46 - Ben Limo


Ben Limo takes the lead in our Magic Mile league table, Tony takes on the press-up challenge and Chrissie Wellington takes down the WTC Ironman World Record. Martin's hitting the intervals, Tom's hanging with the kids and we introduce a great new Facebook concept.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been not motor racing or press-up-ing, but has been hanging with the kids

- Martin's been partying 80's style, running intervals and hanging out in Brighton

- Over 26,000 people now entered in the Escalade... see you there?

- Girlie press-ups... not for boys!

10:45 - News

- Rate Your Run has moved to marathontalk.com and this week we scored 8.2

- 2012 Olympic Games will conclude in central London (read more)

- Paula to only run one marathon in 2011 (read more)

- Palermo Marathon Results (here)

- Penang Marathon Results (here)

- Check out our new Facebook events page (here)

- Komon breaks World 15km record (read more)

- Chrissie wins Ironman Arizona & Tom Lowe breaks British Ironman record (read more)

24:38 - Tony's Trials

- Tony takes on the press-up challenge!

25:10 - Training Talk - A change is as good as a rest

- For many marathoners right now you are in between marathons. Don't get too caught up in the routine and regime of structured training. Try and play with your training and do a few different things. This week we thought we'd give you three different ideas for training sessions you could try.

32:33 - Rant & Rave

- Martin rant's about dangerous dogs!

- Tom raves abut the new generation :)

35:01 - Interview - Ben Limo

- We caught up with this super speedy past World XC and 5,000m champion to talk all about running.

- Read more about Ben here.

52:17 Listener Questions

- Threshold running... what actually is it?

01:00:09 - Winner of the Week

- Sula Walters... as long as she's tidied her room!

01:01:50 - Close

- Don't forget to Rate Your Run from midnight every Sunday at marathontalk.com

- Thanks to everyone who's ordered Marathon Talk hoodies, t-shirts and hats (find out more)

- Fancy getting wet this winter?  Sign up for winterswim here 

- Pop along to our new Facebook events page here

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