Episode 457 - Dan Vernon


Sir Mo runs a new European marathon record and wins the 2018 Chicago Marathon! Martin's joined by Eliud Kipchoge’s team photographer, Dan Vernon to talk about ‘that world record’ in Berlin. Dan was with Eliud in the training build up and on race day. Tony is here with his trials, you rate your runs, wear your kit around the world and stand on the podium.

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Facebook Friday

It's Mo V Galen V Yuki on Sunday in Chicago. Picture this, it's mile 20 and they're all still together. Yuki leans to Mo and mutters something in his ear… What does he say?

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Tony's Trials - Tony is in Spain.

Take a look at Carrerapalomera

Interview - Eliud Kipchoge Team NN Running Photographer - Dan Vernon.

  • Dan's website - https://danvernonphotography.com



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