Episode 447 - Brendan Rendall


On this week’s show Holly Rush joins Martin as Tom’s away. We salute Peter Thompson for running the Tour and Danny Bent and 1000’s of runners for setting a new relay world record at the iMove London Relay. A 95 year old sets a new 800m track WR, staying with the track 11 men go sub 8 mins over 3000m at Watford, Aly Dixon withdraws from the European marathon champs and a MT listener dressed as a Bishop catches a thief! We’re joined by coast to coast African running Brendan Rendall. You guys Rate Your Runs, flash your Kit Around the World, climb aboard the Launch Pad, and stand atop the Podium.

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Show Notes


  • Martin's been running the Eiger trail
  • Holly's been getting injured pre UTMB.

Listen to Martin and Eiger crew talk about their run!


Rate Your Run

Listener Podium

  • Each week we celebrate your marathon results on The Listener Podium
  • To add your result, and maybe get mentioned on the show, you need to do the following:
    • Login to this website
    • Search our event listings for your marathon (if it's not there you can add it)
    • Add your marathon result
    • Bask in the golden-glow of glory

Interview - Brendan Rendall





Martin will be;

  • Having a relaxing weekend!

Holly will be;

  • Off to prepare for the UTMB for a month!

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