Episode 442 - Carla Molinaro


On this week’s show we announce the winner of the runr MT ‘proud to be a runner' bundle, there’s a new 100km WR, Jim Walmsley runs an epic Western States 100, Holly Rush bags a team medal, Yuki takes on Mo and Rupp in Chicago, Gwen still needs to up her game, and it’s prison for a running number theft. You share your running nemesis, Rate Your Runs, stand atop the Podium, and climb aboard the Launch Pad, and we speak to top British finisher and 9th placer at Comrades this year Carla Molinaro.

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Show Notes


Martin’s been

  • Parkrun comeback PB 17:40
  • 5mile tempo running (6:00-6:09’s)
  • Beach o’clock.

Tom’s been

  • Touring the North East
  • Loving Rosie’s piano playing

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Rate Your Run

Interview - Carla Molinaro

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