Episode 44 - Desiree Ficker


Elite American marathon runner and Ironman athlete Desiree Ficker joined us just four days before she took to the start line of this year's New York City Marathon, Tom and Martin both worked on their guns, Tony popped in with some more Trials and we talked all about running!

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Show Notes

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00:00 - Intro

- Tom's edging towards the half-way (kind of) mark of his 3 x 100 press up challenge and is loving his second season of cross country

- Martin's been paddle boarding instead of interval running (Naughty Yelling!) and catching up with the press-up challenge

- If you'd like to get involved with the University of Bath running study, email Jenny Perkins at [email protected]

- Tom now works for parkrun... if you're interested in setting up a parkrun event near you then drop him a line via [email protected]

- The Stockport Ten teaser videos are all HERE

07:35 - News

- Rate Your Run is changing! We know that not everyone has access to Facebook so from next week, thanks to Greg Brock, there will be a page on our website where you can enter your details. It also means that we don't have to sit there every week with a calculator. Keep the great comments coming, and we'll keep sharing them with the World!

- New York Marathon - Halie's retirement announcment video HERE

- New York Marathon results HERE

- Indianapolis Monumental Marathon HERE

- Rutland Marathon yet to confirm Hywel's winning time!

- Congrats to Ellie Greenwood for winning the World 100km Championships. Results HERE

25:20 - Tony's Trials

- Stop running!

28:00 - Training Talk - Cross Country 

Cross country time! – With the winter upon us up and down the country runners a chucking on their trail shoes or spikes and getting dirty! There are still plenty of marathons to be found, and don’t let us stop you knocking out a quick 26.2… but as they say, ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and what better way to spend your winter runs than legging it round a muddy field. Typically you need to be affiliated to a running club and this along with the hard-core image can put people off. It really is for everyone though and we’d like to see more marathon runners getting off-road through the winter months…

 Why do cross country…

 - Great for ankle stability and proprioception

 - Great to get away from the clock

 - Great camaraderie with your team

 - Great fun

 - Great change from pounding the pavements

What shoes should you get…

 - Spikes are good for muddy courses (MY to discuss as TW’s never owned a pair!)

 - Tom wears Mizuno Wave Harriers which aren’t too expensive and can handle everything from road to trail

 - Decent trail shoe is best.

How to specifically train for cross country…

 - Get off-road

 - Plenty of interval and threshold work as races are typically only 4-5 miles

 - Lots of hills!

How to enter a cross country race…

 - You’ll need to be affiliated so get in touch with your local club and get stuck in!

40:44 - Rant & Rave

- Tom rants about not having small feet!

- Martin raves about getting dirty!!!

42:44 - Interview - Desiree Ficker

- This week’s guest started out her athletic career competing in running events around the World, before taking up a track & field scholarship at the University of Alabama. Graduating in 1998 she bought her first triathlon bike in March 1999 and qualified for the World Ironman Championships in Kona that same year. In 2006 she finished second overall in Hawaii, a result which proved her talents as a World class athlete. In 2009 she returned to her running roots with a brilliant 2:39 and 10th overall at the New York City Marathon.

- Check out Desiree's website HERE

1:17:25 - Winner of the Week

- Thanks to Ian Long via email...

"I’d like to nominate the organisers of the Herts 10k for winner of the week.

Not only do they put on a great race each year and do a lot to support the local hospice, but this year they really went the extra mile for me.

Having lost of lot of weight through my running, my wedding ring is quite loose.  In order to ‘keep it safe’ my wife offered to look after it for me whilst I raced in the Herts 10k.  Unfortunately somewhere between the start pens, bacon sarnie, hot chocolate and finish area, it fell out of her pocket.  We had a good look around, but being in a field with long grass, it was hardly surprising we did not find it.  The organisers put out a couple of tannoy announcements, but still no luck.

That night we got a phone call, and the organisers told us that they were trying to find someone with a metal detector, and get permission to access the field once more in order to find the ring.  There we were, 10 days later whilst 2 guys from the local metal detector society spent over 2 and a half hours going over the field trying to find the ring.  Unfortunately we cannot do the full happy ending, as they did not find it, but we were really touched by their efforts, and think it was really above and beyond the call of duty.

I’d like to give a big shout out to these guys, and say thank you – hope you agree"

1:19:28 - Close

- Thanks to everyone who's ordered Marathon Talk hoodies, t-shirts and hats (find out more)

- Tune in next week to find out who won the head torch competition by guessing Hywel's time.

- Last chance to order Matt Rogan's brilliant book (HERE) - enter promo code MT26 for £2 discount and early delivery

- Still time to join Martin and Liz fro some early season running in the sun... link

- Watch Liz's live interview with Lucozade Sport here

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