Episode 438 - Zach Bitter


A brand-new London Relay world record attempt is go. It’s your last chance to come to Kenya, we laugh at your wife being your inner voice, Farah wins in London and looks toward Doha, a 17-year-old from Norway runs a 3:52 mile, and we say hooray to the RAF. Tony’s here with some Trials, Training Talk gives you three belting sessions to smash a 5k PB, you Rate Your Run, show off your Kit Around the World, and stand on the Podium. Plus, Tom speaks to the incredible ultra runner Zach Bitter.

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Show Notes



Tony's Trials

Training Talk - Three Super Smashing 5k Sessions

  • Four-mile Royal Flush progression run starting 30-seconds slower than target 5k pace.
  • 4 x 1 minute / 6 minutes @ 5k pace / 4 x 1 minute
  • 3 x (400m fast / 200m jog / 800m fast / 400m jog)

Interview - Zach Bitter


  • Martin will be damping in Cornwall
  • Tom will be being battered by his kids

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