Episode 437 - Rob Pope


News from the NOT10KMPBS, the Great Manchester 10k, Rupp's running Chicago, Training Talk challenges your weaknesses, Martin interviews Rob ‘Forest Gump’ Hope (who just ran almost five times back and forth across the USA), and Facebook Friday asked for your running-related lucky charms.

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Show Notes



Training Talk - Strengthening Your Weaknesses

  • Confidence
    • Reflect on success
    • Write down reasons
    • Rationalise the worst case
  • Grit
    • Practice suffering
    • Understand your motivations
    • Develop coping strategies
  • Speed
    • Short hard reps
    • Strides
    • Strength
  • 5k / 10k Endurance
    • Spend time out of breath
    • Strides
    • Mindful running
  • Muscular Endurance
    • Long easy runs
    • Strength
    • Hills / Cycling

Interview - Rob Pope


  • Martin will be goofing around in his white budgie smugglers
  • Tom will be putting it all on the line at parkrun

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