Episode 426 - Chris Chataway


We remember Sir Roger Bannister and listen to Sir Chris Chataway recounting that incredible first sub 4 minute mile. There’s some great racing at The Big Half (apparently), some fake racing in Cambridge, Jake Robertson runs 2:08 at Lake Biwa, Team Sky’s fortunes go from bad to worse, and there’s rumours of a high profile drugs bust from Kenya. You rate your run, stand on the podium, and Active Cover sponsor Training Talk with guest Mario Fraioli.

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Show Notes


  • Martin's been sledging, solo with the kids and running a bit
  • Tom's going off on a Big Half coverage one (justifiably).

We remember Sir Roger Bannister who died recently. An icon and legend in running and medicine. Athletics Weekly | BBC Watch the mile

Sir Chris Chataway reflects on 'that' 3.59.4 mile at the Iffley Road track in 1954.

Travel to Kenya with Marathon Talk and Five Talents and experience the run of a lifetime.

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Kit Around the World 

Rate Your Run


  • Calorie counting - No thanks PHE | BBC
  • The Big Half | Athletics Weekly
  • DQ winner of the Cambridge Half | BBC
  • Jake Robertson runs 2:08 at Lake Biwa. |NZ Herald
  • Team Sky back on the block | BBC
  • Oh dear.  Another Kenya EPO bust? | Guardian

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Training Talk - sponsored by Active Cover.

This week’s Training Talk is sponsored by Active Cover, which provides a fresh approach to multi sports personal accident insurance. Active Cover aims to prevent you being kept out of action by providing financial support to reimburse you for diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation costs as well as contributing to the cost of private treatment throughout the UK, helping you to get back up and running faster.

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Mario Fraioli joins Martin to talk getting marathon race ready.


  • Tom will be logging a banker.
  • Martin will be working on a children's mental health and movement project and running the path.

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