Episode 420 - Dr Josie Perry


On this week’s show sign up is live for a running experience in Kenya with a difference, we talk about you running as cartoon characters, it’s Elite Week at London Marathon as they announce Bekele and the Brits. There’s surprise at the Kenyan Commonwealth marathon team and Yuki wins an Ekiden relay race as a team of 1. We’re joined by sports psychology consultant Josie Perry, you rate your run, share your pictures in MT kit all around the world and stand on our weekly listener podium

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Show Notes


  • Martin’s been running in the rain, 18.53 at the super friendly Upton parkrun, and getting excited about going to Kenya in October 2018 with Five Talents!
  • Tom’s been double not park running!

Come with Marathon Talk and Five Talents to Kenya in 2018!

Last year our trip to Kenya was amazing in many different ways. We're doing it all again this year. In October 2018, we're taking a team of runners (of all abilities) out to Kericho, a tea growing region situated in the west of Kenya, to run a marathon with a difference! But what makes this race different? You'll have the opportunity to meet some of the local communities that Five Talents works with, and to see exactly how your race will have an impact on the people you'll run with. 

You'll have time to eat, dance and enjoy Kenyan life, share stories and make connections with a great group of people. It's a genuinely unique experience organised by a professional team from Impact Marathon Series. There will be opportunities to run with Kenyan athletes, visit the famous Kericho Stadium and be coached Kenyan style, visit local schools and community projects and see first hand the struggles and success stories.

If you're looking for an authentic, life-enhancing, impactful and truly special running trip then check out Five Talents Kenyan Impact Marathon for more information.

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Interview - Dr Josie Perry


  • Martin will be off to watch Book of Mormon, run with some MP's, do some Yoga and watch 'Walk with Me',
  • Tom will be working towards his tattoo.

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