Episode 42 - Ben Davis & Hywel Davies


On Christmas Day 2008 Ben weighed in at 360 pounds... since then he's lost 120 pounds and become not only a marathon runner but an Ironman finisher, Martin spoke with Ben about his amazing journey over the last two years. Also in 2008, Hywel Davies won the first ever Double Ironman UK, an achievement which required a 52 mile run through a forest & through the night, Tom talked to Hywel about running in the dark. To top all of that... Tony received a phone call from the greatest marathon runner of all time!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been loving his running and with 61 miles in lasts week's bank is back in the groove!

- Martin's enjoying some great fun in the sen with his two favourite ladies :)

- Tom's entered the 2011 Berlin Marathon... see you there?

- Facebook.com/marathontalk now has over 3,000 fans... THANK YOU.

- Stockport goody bag teaser number five is out now... here

- Bazza Duerden... "anyone for a 110km LSD" ???

- Sammy the Wedge pledges £100 in return for 600 Comrades press-ups!

- It's National Married-to-a-Runner Appreciation Day (read more)

07:05 - News

- Rate Your Run scores a mighty 8.0

- UK all-comers ten mile record tumbles at the Great South Run (read more)

- Linda Somers Smith wins the LA Marathon (read more)

- Beijing Marathon (results)

- Venice Marathon (race report)

- Dublin Marathon (results)

15:55 - Tony's Trials

- Tony speaks to the great man himself...

18:20 - Hywel Davies

- In winning the inaugural Double Ironman UK Hywel ran 52 miles through the night which makes him the ideal person to speak to about training in the dark.

- Thanks to Alp Kit (link) for supplying the prizes for our head torch competition...

- TO ENTER... predict Hywel's finish time at the upcoming Rutland Marathon to the nearest second, first come first served for each time slot, post your predictions on this week's comments, closest five win an Alp Kit head torch delivered free of charge anywhere in the world...

48:30 - Rant & Rave

- Tom fulfills a lifelong dream and tells the world his rantiest of rants!

- Martin raves about race organisers embracing the feedback

49:45 - Interview - Ben Davis

- Ben Davis lost 120 pounds in his journey from sedentary living to marathon and Ironman finishing.

- Check out his amazing video HERE

1:22:20 - Winner of the Week

- Daryl Howe... read more

1:23:10 - Close

- Thanks to everyone who's ordered Marathon Talk hoodies, t-shirts and hats (find out more)

- Thanks to Alp Kit for supporting the show, check them out HERE

-  Check out Matt Rogan's brilliant book (HERE) - enter promo code MT26 for £2 discount and early delivery

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