Episode 409 - Kericho Marathon Kenya.


Martin's back from an incredible trip to Kenya with Five Talents and shares all the news and speaks to Marathon Talk Kenya campers Ben Foster and Nikki Chamberlain as well as Nick Kershaw from Impact Marathons and Rachel Lindley from Five Talents. The NYC marathon saw the first female American champion for 40 years. Jemima Sumgong gets a doping ban upheld. British para-sport is in classification crises. Training Talk is sponsored by Runderwear, we catch up with founder Richard Edmunds and Martin shares how not to get a marathon in Kenya right. You rate your run, show off your kit and stand on the podium.

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Show Notes


  • Martin's back from Kenya and brings you all the stories from Kericho!
  • Tom's been Harrogate parkrunning.

The team at the track in Kericho, Kenya!


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Training Talk - Sponsored by Runderwear.

Runderwear are a British brand which makes seamless, moisture-wicking, technical performance underwear to prevent chaffing. Find out more and buy online at www.runderwear.co.uk where you can get 20% off online orders using code MT20 until 24th December 2017.

We speak to Runderwear founder Richard Edmunds.

How not to run a marathon in Kenya with Martin.

  1. No specific or appropriate training - train smart!
  2. Track session the day before, at altitude, in the heat, with Kenyans - taper!
  3. No knowledge of the route or terrain - understand your challenge!
  4. No considerations for the weather / altitude -  know the conditions.
  5. Poor pacing - nail your pacing!
  6. Inadequate fueling before and on the day - fuel yourself right!

Martin's detonation....


This week we're joined by Marathon Talk listeners in Kenya, Ben Foster and Nikki Chamberlain, and Impact Marathon's Nick Kershaw and Five Talents Rachel Lindley.


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