Episode 402 - Alex Eagle (The Running Charity)


The world three-piece-suit record falls, there’s crazy weather in Copenhagen, it’s nearly time for the Nike Breaking2 documentary, and Berlin is shaping up to be one of the greatest men’s marathons in history. I speak to Alex Eagle from The Running Charity, Tony’s back with his Trials … and Tom’s sat next to his Dad!

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This week’s Rate Your Run is sponsored by TRIBE, an all natural sports nutrition brand providing a range of over 20 natural energy and recovery products.

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The 2018 Ibiza Marathon and 12k are sponsoring this week’s Listener Podium. Both races will take place on the 7th April 2018, starting in the evening and passing through the most popular spots in the island, giving runners the chance to watch the spectacular sunset over the sea. For more information visit www.ibizamarathon.com.

Tony's Trials is Back!

Interview - Alex Eagle (The Running Charity)


  • Martin will be taking a holiday from standup paddle-boarding in Sandbanks, by standup paddle-boarding in Wales.
  • Tom will be keeping the corporate wheels turning

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