Episode 382 - Steve Magness


In memory of our dear friend, Ruth Lee. We also speak to Steve Magness, update you on the Breaking2 project, remember Charles Eugster, talk about the proposed scrapping of pre-2005 world records, and The Flying Running support the Listener Podium.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Tony's Trials

This week's show is dedicated to our dear friend, Ruth Lee.










09:40 - Intro

  • Tom's been ramping up his running
  • Martin's been a poorly boy

Loving the Milton Keynes Marathon five-hour-pacer's pre-race pit stop ...

31:30 - News

1:02:00 - Interview - Steve Magness

2:00:00 - Close

  • Martin will be lording-it round Austria
  • Tom will be logging 42 miles and watching the Breaking2 project

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