Episode 375 - Ed Whitlock RIP.


On this week’s show we remember the world record breaking masters athlete, Ed Whitlock who passed away recently. Tony’s here with his trials, there’s a Breaking2 update, no Commonwealth Games in Durban in 2022, a super windy race in France, the pacemaker takes the win in Barcelona and Chris Froome responds. You flash you kit around the world, Rate Your Run, stand atop the Podium and tell us what would make you run faster.

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Show Notes

This week we were saddened to hear of the death of the inspirational Ed Whitlock. In 2003 Ed shocked the entire running world when at age 72 years he ran 2:59:10 at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon to become the first 70-year old on the planet to go under the magical 3-hour mark. Ed was, overnight, every marathon runner’s hero. He went on to set 25 World Age group bests and seal a place in marathoning history.

We thank you Ed for making us all believe we can still go quicker.

RIP Ed Whitlock.

00:00 - Intro.

  • Martin's been running 17.40 and banking a well paced 16miler
  • Tom's been recovering and running.  A bit.

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20:19 - News.

47:56 - Listener Podium

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50:19 - Tony's Trials.

Tony's Trials

54:21 - Interview - Ed Whitlock.

This week we revisit our 2011 interview with the great Ed Whitlock.

1:32:33 - Close

  • Martin will be going wild in Snowdonia.
  • Tom will be sitting down for a cup of posh tea in Harrogate.

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